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Truckers cheer U.S. COVID vaccine mandate exemption

Christian Fernsby |
Drivers spend the vast majority of their workday alone in the cab and outside, Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, said in a statement Friday.

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“The rule published yesterday exempts employees who exclusively work outdoors or remotely and have minimal contact with others indoors, and all indications thus far from the Department of Labor suggest this exemption does apply to the commercial truck driver population.”

The group is seeking further clarity and confirmation, but Spear called the rule, and comments from Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, an “enormous victory.”

A truck driver who meets exemptions, such as working alone or exclusively outside, wouldn’t be covered by the mandate, a Department of Labor spokesperson said. Truckers who work in teams or interact with people in buildings at their pickup or drop off locations would be, the spokesperson said.

“Most truckers aren’t covered by this,” Walsh told MSNBC. “They are driving a truck, they are in a cab, they are by themself.”

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