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Tunnel 3 of Indonesia's Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway drilled through

Christian Fernsby |
The Tunnel 3 of the Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway (JBHSR) project was drilled through on Sunday, which is the third drilled-through tunnel after the Walini Tunnel and Tunnel 5.

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Tunnel 3 project has been undertaken by Power Construction Corporation of China JBHSR Project Team since April 13 last year, with 735 meters in total length, 5.8 meters minimal and 60.5 meters maximal embedded depth.

In the construction process, the project team resolved the collapse problem resulting from unfavorable geologic conditions and tropical rainforest climate, and they also trained local technicians who will play important roles in the future working.

Jakarta-Bandung HSR has a total length of 142.3 km with 13 tunnels, and a designed speed of 350 km/h. When it is put into running, the commute time from Jakarta to Bandung will be decreased from over three hours to 40 minutes.

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