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UK starts second public consultation on longest Thames road tunnel

Christian Fernsby |
The Highways England launched its second public consultation in Britain for the country's longest road tunnel under the River Thames, the government owned company has said.

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"The consultation is a chance for people to review and comment on a number of changes made since our last consultation in 2018, and to help shape this once-in-a-generation project," said Chris Taylor, director of Highways England's Complex Infrastructure Programme.

The proposed multi billion U.S. dollar project will connect Kent, Thurrock and Essex with the world's third-widest bored tunnel.

The 23 km project will provide a new highway with a 112.6 km per hour speed limit.

Changes to the plans have been made after detailed analysis of 29,000 responses received during the first consultation with local populations.

The current consultation will close in March.

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