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UK tuition cost highest among world’s most influential countries

Christian Fernsby |
Data calculated by shows that the United Kingdom has the highest tuition fees among the top ten world’s most influential countries at $13,900 per year.

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Among the top countries, Japan ranks second with an average of $12,400 to represent a percentage difference of 10.7% with the UK.

The United States ranks third with average public college tuition of $10,000 representing a percentage difference of 28% when compared to the UK.

Israel ranks fourth with $9,200 followed by Canada at $4,700. In the sixth position, is Italy with average tuition fees of $3,800. China and Russia are among countries that rank lower in average tuition at $3,650 and $3,500 respectively.

Among the top ten most influential countries, Germany and France are the only nations with average tuition below the $1000 mark. In Germany, the public college tuition fee is at least $900 while France is $620.

Germany's cheap tuition fees can be attributed to the free tuition policy. In France, the fees are affordable for students with the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

In most countries, the cost of education is higher when you factor in the cost of living. Students have to incur extra costs in food and housing.

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