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Ukraine resumes export of electricity to Europe with fall in imports

Christian Fernsby |
Since March 1, Ukraine has resumed the export of electricity from the Burshtyn TPP island to the European power system ENTSO-E, according to data on the ENTSO-E platform.

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According to the operational data of NPC Ukrenergo, as of 18:45 Tuesday, electricity exports to Hungary were at the level of 486 MW, Poland – 210 MW, Romania – 93 MW; and the total volume was 789 MW.

At the same time, electricity to Ukraine was imported from Slovakia at the level of 188 MW, Hungary – 160 MW, Romania – 62 MW; with a total volume of 410 MW.

The import of electricity to the Integrated Power System of Ukraine (IPS) from Belarus also remained at the level of 100 MW.

According to market participants, the resumption of electricity exports to Europe became possible after a decrease in electricity consumption in Ukraine as a result of warm weather, as well as an increase in the load on nuclear power plants, which now operate in the amount of 12 power units out of 15.

"In the winter period of the shortage, three units at Burshtyn TPP instead of export were supplying power to Ukraine, the rest of the units met the conditions of ENTSO-E capacity order, and also provided the consumers of the island itself," First Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Energy Assembly Yuriy Sakva told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the data of SOE Market Operator, as of March 2, the price of electricity on the day-ahead market (DAM) in the Burshtyn TPP island in the database was EUR 46.49 per MWh, while in Romania it was EUR 48.29, in Hungary – EUR 53.19 and Poland – EUR 62.30 per MWh.

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