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U.S. tops 2020 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index

Christian Fernsby |
The United States tops The 2020 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index for the eighth year in a row.

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This stretch represents the longest run for the United States in the top position on the Index.

Canada retakes the number two position, and Germany falls to third.

Japan replaces the United Kingdom as fourth, and France maintains its fifth place.

The top 10 countries on the Index remain unchanged from 2019, save for Switzerland joining the top group, and Singapore falling to 12th.

European and Asia Pacific countries including Italy, China, and Australia dominate the rest of the top 10.

China, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates are the only emerging markets on the Index.

European developed markets hold steady at 14 spots, while Asia Pacific developed markets drop from eight spots last year to seven spots this year.

As a result of Brazil rejoining the Index, the Americas capture three spots this year the same share as last year.

The United Arab Emirates represents the Middle East and North Africa region this year.

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