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Zeelink gas pipeline is on schedule in Belgium

Christian Fernsby |
Construction work on Zeelink gas pipeline is largely proceeding according to plan despite corona restrictions.

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The natural gas pipeline from Zeebrugge in Belgium to Münsterland is scheduled to go into operation in spring next year.

A project spokesman says that there is currently a shortage of workers from Hungary, Austria and Italy, among others, for the construction of the pipeline because of corona.

But the project is still on schedule.

Before Easter, the pipes were laid through a tunnel at Brander Wall in Aachen.

An important component of this major project is a compressor station in Würselen.

The industrial plant generates pressure to transport the natural gas.

Around 240 people are currently working on the construction site there - almost the full team, according to the spokesperson.

Because of Corona there are strict hygiene regulations.

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