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Audi A3 Sedan, new, taller and longer

Edward Green |
Audi A3 Sedan is presented in a sporty, elegant look.

Compared with its predecessor, it is now 4 centimeters longer at 4.50 meters, while its wheelbase remains unchanged. Its width has increased by 2 centimeters to 1.82 meters and it is now 1 centimeter taller at 1.43 meters. This has yielded an increase in headroom a good 2 centimeters in the front thanks to the lower position of the driver seat and some more elbow room. At 425 liters, the luggage capacity is exactly the same as in the predecessor model.

The aerodynamics benefit from the higher rear end compared with the predecessor as well as the large diffuser. As a result, the new A3 Sedan with the 2.0 TDI 110 kW (150 PS) achieves a Cd value of 0.25 and is therefore 0.04 Cd points better than the first generation. The controllable cooling-air inlet with two electrically actuated louver modules behind the Singleframe also contribute to this. They regulate the flow of air intelligently and according to the situation. In addition, the paneled underbody, the exterior mirrors with improved aerodynamics, and the active brake cooling reduce air resistance and make for a streamlined vehicle.

The front is dominated by a large Singleframe with honeycomb grille that is flanked by striking headlights. On the outside, they form trapezoidal angles that are drawn downward. In the top model with Matrix LED technology, this is where the new digital daytime running lights are housed. They consist of a pixel array made up of 15 LED segments that can be actuated individually and give the various versions of the A3 Sedan a specific signature.

The cockpit of the A3 Sedan is entirely focused on the driver. This begins with the interior design and ends with the display and control elements. Thus, the instrument panel with the central MMI touch display is inclined slightly toward the driver. It has a 10.1-inch diagonal and is intuitive to operate. As standard, it includes handwriting detection as well as natural language control that can optionally draw on the capabilities of the cloud. The 10.25-inch instrument cluster behind the steering wheel is digital even in the basic model. As the Audi virtual cockpit plus, it measures 12.3 inches and offers three different views.

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