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Bavaria C45, feel right home on your new sailing yacht

Edward Green |
Bavaria C45 is a yacht on which you feel completely at home on with features like the huge bathing platform, big cockpit and bright saloon.

There are two versions available: Holiday and Style. Furthermore, this is the only yacht in its class available in a five cabin version as well as three and four cabins, and which has a dinghy garage for a tender. In 14.25 metres long, yet you’ll find every comfort you need. A good interior is always a perfect combination of style and functionality. In the Bavaria C45 you can help choose the style, especially by selecting the wood: classic mahogany, white oak or elegant walnut.

All of it staged with lots of daylight, creating a naturally bright environment below deck. It feels as comfortable as your home on land. Tastes differ. It’s good to have the choice. White oak is for those who like things clear and open. The material’s brushed texture enhances its pleasantly natural feel. Walnut’s rich tones create an understated elegance. It exudes lots of warmth and cosiness. The upholstery and the surfaces in the pantry provide brighter touches. Mahogany is especially popular for luxurious furniture. No wonder: it looks stunning and enhances any room.

Maurizio Cossutti and his team masterminded the design of the Bavaria C45. They created an elongated hull with three big windows, a long window strip, a narrow looking superstructure. This yacht sets a completely new, fresh tone in the 45‐foot sailing yacht segment. You can never get enough natural light. Which is why extra‐long windows have been incorporated to add brightness to the saloon. XXL bathing platforms: A delightful place to swim or prepare for a dive. At 2.38 metres wide, there’s space for everything and everybody.

The Bavaria C45 offers great sailing performance on the one hand and safe sailing on the other. You can trim and steer it from the two steering pedestals in the back cockpit, setting and carefully trimming the sails to every situation using the four winches. The helmstand also gives you a perfect view over all the navigation equipment, the sails and the course ahead. A performance rig assists in perfect trimming. The Bavaria C45 obeys every rudder movement under sail and when manoeuvring at port. VPP sail performance: 12 kn true wind speed.

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