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Bussink presented GT Speedlegend, Mercedes-AMG GT R speedster

Edward Green |
Bussink unveiled the GT Speedlegend, a Mercedes-AMG GT R transformed into a speedster and limited to five copies.

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Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is one of the most desirable variants of the GT, especially since it is limited to 750 copies. Bussink took it a step further by turning her into a speedster. Some elements are also inspired by Formula 1, such as this central beam which is inspired by the Halo designed to improve the safety of drivers during races, and which embeds the central mirror. For the rest, the soft top has been removed, the uprights shortened, and the glazing replaced by plexiglass elements.

In total, it is 100 kg that have been removed, thus participating in the lightening of the model as well as the lowering of the center of gravity. Under the hood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, developing the power of 585 horsepower. This was apparently not enough for Bussink, who pushed this mechanic to reach 850 horsepower. What to offer beautiful sensations on the road and on the circuits. Limited to only five copies, this Bussink GT Speedlegend is a real rarity that you will not often come across.

Bussink sought engineering help from the HWA AG team in Affalterbach to build this extra-open version of the GT R Roadster. The “Speedbow” that travels from the hood back to the rear of the car is what gives the Speedlegend its defining look. It’s inspired by the Formula 1 protective halo. The bow incorporates lights and necessary sensors that might’ve been removed when the top and windshield went away. To execute this design, the convertible top is completely removed, and the A-pillars and windows are shortened.

Bussink added styled louvers, body-color-painted carbon fiber throughout and even more power than what Mercedes-AMG offers from the factory. It’s an optional item, but you can have Bussink increase output to 850 horsepower, which is far more than the 577 horses you get stock. If downforce is what you want, Bussink says it has the ability to fit the AMG GT R Pro’s front. Owners had the ability to modify the interior with body-color-painted accents, decorative stitching or a new carbon fiber steering wheel with LED shift lights. It comes with an Armin Strom watch, too.

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