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Iconic AC Roadster

Edward Green |
What you get when you put all of the modern technology and engineering available in the classic roadster? The answer is simple: you get something you must have in your garage.

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Iconic Motors sets itself apart from any other car company in the world because each car is designed by an engineering team who use only the most advanced material sciences and using computer aided design. This allows engineers to test each element of the car before they are actually created to ensure they will work seamlessly together. Conveying the look and style of timeless classic roadsters but with all of the modern technology and engineering available, this supercar is the first of its kind bringing together high-end luxury and unrivalled performance.

The exterior of the Iconic AC Roadster utilizes lightweight and extremely durable aircraft aluminium with carbon fibre reinforcements. The chassis is derived from a rigid design that fuses the chrome-alloy tube steel with an all carbon fibre passenger tub with aluminium honeycomb bonded to the steel. This innovative engineering process results in superior torsion strength typically found only in high-performance race cars. This degree of rigidity allows the highly advanced suspension to provide a smooth ride, while maintaining great handling for a street vehicle.

Boasting a powerful 6.8 litre, all-aluminium V8 engine, the Iconic AC Roadster is a true driver's delight. Producing a jaw dropping 825 horsepower that engine and transmission combination is guaranteed to throw you back in your seat. The fuel injection system is also designed in-house by Iconic. All low pressure fluid fittings feature Wiggens couplings found mostly in aerospace applications and the transmission is a custom designed derived six-speed manual for high performance durability.

The unparalleled attention to detail and unrivalled craftsmanship, combined with the highest-grade components makes the interior of the Iconic AC Roadster truly extraordinary. The interior is dressed in the finest leather. Each race-inspired seat is hand wrapped with reverse stitching and designed with four-point harnesses to remind the driver of the Iconic AC Roadster's performance capabilities. The "D" shape steering wheel is wrapped in leather for comfort and responsiveness. The entire shifter assembly is constructed with one of the most scratch resistant forms of stainless finishes available.

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