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Luxury cruiser Italia 13.98

Edward Green |
Luxury cruiser Italia 13.98 is a mix of classic and modern lines, great craftsmanship, and easy handling. Add to that the precious care of the details and a high-performance hull, and you'll get a yacht that converts easy-going sunny afternoon into a fast joy in a second.

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Italia Yachts didn't made a a pure racing yacht but they didn't forget that every luxury must have a bit of excitement in it. So, they designed a high-performance hull which allows good performances to break up those "boring" moments with candles, champagne, and watching the sunset with your lady. At the end of the day, a man needs a bit of healthy competition and adrenaline now and then, right? Well, Italia 13.98 is just that: the mix of two perfect worlds, dun, safe, and effective joy that lives on blue waters.

Hull and deck are made following rigid rules and the result is a boat practically non-deformable, with excellent resistance to twisting, which means she is extremely safe and durable over time. Hull and deck have gelcoat finished surfaces; the deck and the walking areas are finished with non-slip made from the mold. The benches and the floor of the cockpit are covered with teak 10mm thick. Each Italia Yachts model is fitted to reach maximum performance, from the perfectly smooth and hydrodynamically efficient hull to T-shaped keel.

The cockpit is open aft but it can be closed by a removable teak covered sundeck. This is the ideal solution for a quiet and safe navigation but after removing the sundeck, Italia 13.98 shows a big open cockpit for a more aggressive racing look. Both the beach and cockpit benches are entirely covered in fine teak wood. The access to the interior of the cockpit is through a sliding hatch and a retractable vertical closing tablet. There are five large lockers, with a deep sail locker in the bow separated from the anchor locker.

Going below deck, you feel the high quality of the materials and the perfect finishing. The interior is surprising for its exceptional spaciousness and the ergonomic layout of the furniture, safety in navigation thanks to the elimination of all edges. The dinette consists of a 240 cm long U-shaped sofa; on the opposite side there is a comfortable 150 cm conversation sofa; and there are large storage spaces. The layout of the galley has been designed to reproduce the spirit of real home kitchen in an L layout.

Italia 13.98 in the standard configuration is available with a large owner's cabin with private headroom, and two large aft cabins, one with private access to the second headroom. The owner's cabin is generously sized, luminous and airy, with large storage spaces. The cabin has a private headroom with separate shower. In addition to the large spaces of the owner's cabin, the boat holds surprises in the two aft cabins with generous heights, large beds, abundant storage space, and another headroom with shower.

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