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The new Corvette ZR1. The only car you need

January 25, 2008
chevrolet corvette zr1In Chevrolet they said: "Chevrolet's goal with the new ZR1 is to show what an American super car can deliver", and ZR1 delivers, no doubt about it.

Ferretti jewel

January 21, 2008
The Ferretti 681 is still one of the Ferretti\'s boats with so much spirit that it deserves to be seen. And after that you\'ll thinking about buying very seriously.

Audi TTS: Why must we wait for the summer?

January 15, 2008
The new Audi TTS is the top model of TT line. The two-litter beast called TFSI delivers 272 hp, which is enough to catapult that coupe from zero to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

Around the world in 65 days

December 27, 2007
<img src=\"\" class=\"slikadesno\" alt=\"earthrace\">First powerboat to go around the Earth, using only renewable fuel, will start its journey in Valencia, Spain. Earthrace is an extraordinary boat my many means.

Nissan GT-R: The new speed king

December 9, 2007
Nissan melted design studios from three continents and made new GT-R that will be one of the hottest high-performance cars in 2008.

Cadillac CTS 2008: A perfectly balanced model

December 1, 2007
CTS is called 'small Cadillac' but it is not small by any means. The engine is stronger, the exterior is obviously nicer and luxury interior waits on you.

Maybach Landaulet: Open roof and cool champagne

November 25, 2007
Maybach is well-known name in the segment of luxury cars. Now, Daimler goes one step further by introducing Maybach Landaulet.

Red cars will be faster than green ones?

November 11, 2007
In the near future we will be able to change the color of a car instantly. Does it means that police will have easier job?

Luca Bassani's Hawaiian Lau Lau

November 4, 2007
Wally Yachts introduced a new model in 70 WallyPower motor yacht line. She will be success, no doubt about it.

Kizashi 2: The sign of times to come

October 30, 2007
Judging by the Kizashi 2, Suzuki's future is very bright. The new concept looks brilliant.

A world by itself

September 10, 2007
Today we present you a yacht that is not on sale, but, who knows, maybe she will be some day. If name Pelorus doesn't sounds familiar to you, maybe a name Roman Abramovich will give you some clue.

Fine alternative for city van

August 28, 2007
These days everybody is talking about ecology and nature preservation. And everybody should talk: We harmed the nature, and we should try to fix this.
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