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Sea, Land, Air : Page 41

Rolls-Royce Phantom Sapphire

December 29, 2008
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Sapphire offers you a magnificent, thoughtfully detailed space in which you can work or relax.

Beautiful Innotech Corvette

December 22, 2008
Innotech, a Czech manufacturer, offers very good mix of unique styling, exiting performance and great upgrade fory your Corvette.

Mercedes-Benz BlueZERO

December 15, 2008
Battery-electric drive systems offer a wealth of advantages: they provide a high level of torque, are compact and quiet, run extremely efficiently and with zero emissions.

The new Audi R8 5.2 FSI

December 8, 2008
Audi presented the next variant of its top-of-the-line model. For those not affected with global crisis here is R8 V10.

CEOs in the sky with Sikorsky

December 2, 2008
Numerous heads of state and corporate leaders have selected the Sikorsky S-92 for its safety, comfort, performance and reliability.

The Star of India

November 25, 2008
You hear that woman brings bad luck to ship, but you also saw many sail boats with a sculpture of a woman with naked breasts. What's the connection?

Meet the new Bentley Azure T

November 18, 2008
It's stylish and powerful, and my our opinion it is the world’s most elegant convertible destined to become a future classic. Meet the new Bentley Azure T.

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

November 11, 2008
Ferrari has chosen to unveil the new Scuderia Spider 16M at the World Finals in Mugello in celebration of its recent victory in the Formula 1 Constructor's World Championship 2008.

Audi 2009 TTS Coupe and TTS Roadster

November 3, 2008
Audi of America released pricing for the highest performing TT models ever brought to market - the 2009 TTS Coupe and TTS Roadster.

Crystal Volvo S60

October 28, 2008
Volvo Cars has teamed up with world-famous Swedish glassworks Orrefors to work on the company's next concept car, which will be a first taste of the next-generation Volvo S60.

All-electric Mini E

October 20, 2008
So, it began. The production of 500 Mini E will take place in Munich and Oxford and before the end of this year BMW will have all-electric vehicle on the street.

Toyota iQ comes in January

October 14, 2008
It may be one of the smallest cars on the market, but Toyota iQ is very fine car for around-town driving with stability and handling dynamics of a larger car.