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Peugeot 308 RC Z enters production

Edward Green |
We have only one objection on 308 RC Z: It should have a name. Because it has a soul.

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Although Peugeot has nicely designed cars I find them... well, not so exciting. 207, 307 and other x07 are not ugly or without personality, but all of them lacks something that will put them on my dream list. To be more precise, all of them except the new 308 RC Z. It's not Corvette, but it has soul and it is little, jolly car. 308 RC Z saw the light of the day last summer and now we have the information that Boris Reinmoeller's baby will go in serial production and it will be in the store near us in 2009.

If you know how Audi TT looks like, and you do, you'll think that 308 is TT's little brother. In spite of fact that new 308 is aimed at medium market segment, people at Peugeot hope that it will attract the broader customer base. They say that 308 RC Z is built to be light and efficient, and pleasure for driving with emotions. Yes, they did all that.

Small beast is nicely designed; it look like a toy, and I mean it in a good way. It doesn't look cheap or poorly manufactured, it looks like a toy that you hold and never let go. (That feeling reminds me of Porsche that I like to call "toy", but it is one of the best designed cars in the history.)

308 RC Z has a length of 4.276 mm, its width is 1840 mm, and its height is 1320 mm. Being a sport car it has good aerodynamic specification, SCx is 0.65. The new 308 RC Z has very strong profile, very dynamic, yet powerful thanks to 19 inch wheels and windows design. To make the design even better, the roof is made of polycarbonate, it is high enough for higher drivers, yet with sport look.

The heart of the beast is 1.6 litre engine that delivers 218hp. That engine, a product of Peugeot and BMW engineers, will launch 308 RC Z in 7 seconds to 100km/h, and maximum speed will be 235km/h. That direct-injected engine is very elastic and acceleration od 7.5 seconds from 80 to 120 km/h proves that. For going back to zero from that speed you'll engage 360 mm ventilated disc.

The interior is elegant, but with sport look. Seats are obviously aimed at faster driving, and all interior is a combination of chrome and aluminium, black and metallic feel melted together. It formally is 2+2 car, but the back seats are for large enough just for small kids, and in the back your golf bag will fit easily.

The new 308 RC Z is very nice product from Peugeot, and maybe we shouldn't use the word "product" for it has a soul. It's not a Porsche or a Corvette, but it definitely has a potential to capture hearts of many buyers and it seem a perfect car for your gentler part. Very nice car, indeed.