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Sculptural power with recognizable beauty

Edward Green |
Scott Devon founded Devon Motor Works with an intention to melt together his love for art and beautiful cars. Devon GTX super car - a super sculpture - will enter the production in 2010.

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From its carbon fiber superstructure, to its sweeping architectural surface, the all-new 2010 Devon GTX offers bold design, efficient tactility, and meaningful technologies that make a statement unlike any other supercar.

Constructed of aircraft-quality carbon fiber from stem to stern, the GTX instantly communicates its ultra-performance capability through aggressive, compact proportions and large (up to 20-inch) lattice-structure center-lock wheels.

All in all, the exterior design navigates between the past and science fiction, subtly blending muscle, curves, exquisite shapes and dynamic graphics to create a classical, yet futuristic, statement that’s ready to stand the test of time.

Inside, carbon fiber-reinforced racing seats, dual-grained leather surfacing throughout, and tasteful chrome appointments communicate a "less is more" design philosophy. A neo-retro gear lever – topped by a white gear knob – melds driver with machine.

Overlaying its steel structure is a glove-fit, single-piece molded superstructure made of carbon fiber. Construction of the superstructure requires a complex mold – essentially the size of the vehicle – in which all datum and attachment points are positioned within literally fractions of a millimeter. Once the superstructure is in place, all body panel attachment points are inherently accurate for uncommonly consistent builds.

The superstructure – due to the use of carbon fiber – is also extremely lightweight, strong and stiff, ensuring outstanding crash performance, noise and vibration tuning, and incredibly accurate chassis tuning.

While overall shape of the new Devon GTX carries traditional "muscle car" dimensions with a long dash-to-axle and short front and rear offsets, it’s executed in the context of sophistication and athletic grace. Seemingly honed from a single billet, the GTX’s flowing exterior skin is formed of carbon fiber, which enables precise molding – rather than traditional stamping – of exterior fenders, panels, and closures.

Large (18 / 19-inch or 19 / 20-inch combinations) 12-spoke aluminum forged monoblock lattice structured wheels lead the eye to large, ultra-performance calipers (carrying the Devon insignia) and rotors, leaving no doubt about the supercars’s performance competency.

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