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Splendid Hana from CRN

Edward Green |
One of the best CRN yachts, if we must choose one among all those beautiful hulls, is Hana. Hana is beautiful yacht representing the second hull of the highly successful CRN 43 composite line.

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Sanzio Nicolini established CRN, a shipyard finest boats and finest clientele. Super Conero was the first series of 23 metres hulls, the longer were following, and very soon company was known among the rich and demanding buyers. In 1999 CRN became part of the Ferretti Group and it was obviously a good move. The first project was Magnifica (this name has been perfectly chosen), a beautiful yacht 43 metres long. The first went on her maiden voyage in 2001 and it was beginning of the very successful line. Another company from the Ferretti Group joined forces with CRN in 2002 and today CRN can build a mega yacht in steel and aluminium and maxi yachts in composite materials.

Following its dream, CRN bought Mario Morini shipyard, a shipyard specialized in steel construction, and that move of year 2003 put CRN among the best and most important producers of mega-yachts in Europe. CRN today creates larger mega yachts, and from the 2006-2007 nautical year, the Ancona shipyard serves as a multi-brand production centre for the Ferretti Group, with its facilities housing the production facilities for the maxi-yachts Custom Line, Navetta 30 and 112’ and the Riva 115’.

One of the best CRN yachts, if we must choose one among all those beautiful hulls, is Hana. It belongs to 43-metres series and her new owner came from the Middle East to attend a private ceremony of launching. Hana is beautiful yacht representing the second hull of the highly successful CRN 43 composite line, whose first six vessels have already been sold. Such yacht truly deserves aria “Con te partir?” that followed her touch with blue salty water.

Hana can accommodate eleven guests and nine crew members, and she navigates in complete comfort at a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 13 knots. She is created in collaboration with the Zuccon International Project firm and set apart by the noteworthy size of its four decks and its extensive open-air zones, such as the covered areas of the main deck and the upper deck. Another distinctive characteristic of the CRN 43 line, though it has become a standard feature on many of the shipyard’s super yachts, is the terrace at the owner’s suite, designed as a balcony large enough to hold a table and chairs for breakfast looking out on the ocean.

The stylistic choices made stress elegance and simplicity, resulting in a maxi-yacht that is modern but never too minimalist; linear in design, but without being classic or spare. The volumes of the external spaces are impressive, being designed to restore a more direct tie between the owner and his guests. This was the point of building, in the aft portion of the lower deck, a workout room outfitted with all the latest Technogym equipment for fitness, entered from the outside using a stairway made of steel and teak and from the inside through a passageway that connects it directly with the main lounge.

The main lounge consists of a single space measuring approximately 60 square metres and also holding a dining room for twelve, furnished with a large oval table whose base is made of Tanganyika oak, while the table top is glass. Another nice feature of Hana is the flooring in the two lounges, made from natural cheery parquet with maple inlays. The decorative scheme echoes that used for the outside wells of the upper and main decks, demonstrating the successful attempt to come up with a uniform design that fully integrates all the different spaces.

Further towards the bow is the lobby, whose built-in stairway connects all the decks of the “Hana”, while the kitchen, found on the left, is finished in grey lacquered wood and steel. The facility is technical and uncluttered, but fully equipped for haute cuisine.

Now, we'll stop here. Hana is too beautiful, she simply has to be seen. And if you think that 43 metres is short, think again and visit CRN. You may change your mind.