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Toyota rolls out RAV4 with world-first new 4WD system

Edward Green |
World-first new 4WD system realizes responsive driving performance, enhanced steering stability, and improved fuel efficiency.

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Based on creating a "Robust Accurate Vehicle with 4 Wheel Drive," the new RAV4 development concept blends the power and sophistication of an SUV, achieving top-class generous rear cargo space and outstanding driving performance realized by a new 4WD system. The elevated cabin design emphasizes passenger convenience, featuring easy-to-use open trays and cup holders. The latest Toyota Safety Sense preventive safety package comes standard in all models, and the available Connected Services offer a safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient drive experience.

The world's first Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD system enables precise and stable steering by adopting a torque vectoring mechanism, which independently distributes torque to the left and right rear wheels according to driving conditions in addition to the front and rear wheels. It also incorporates a disconnect mechanism that transmits driving force to the rear wheels when 4WD driving is deemed unnecessary, significantly reducing energy loss and improving fuel efficiency.

Guided by the design concept of Adventure and Refined, the exterior seamlessly blends an active and robust design exhibiting elements of waku-doki (Japanese for 'heart-pumping excitement') with elegant sophistication suitable for an urban setting. Large-diameter tires lend a powerful stance for off-road performance, producing the SUV's signature "lifted-up" look. Two octagons intersect at a 90-degree angle to create a "cross-octagon" structure, and widespread use of polygons on the exterior produce a distinctive look, accentuating a tough, stable presence.

Adventure grade vehicles sport a dedicated front grill and front skid plate, lending a powerful carriage and forward-leaning body. The front bumper and front fog lamp bezel further enhance the "lifted-up look" of the body. The exclusively designed 19-inch aluminum wheels and large wheel arch molding emphasize exceptional drive stability, putting prominence into the new RAV4's off-road image. Available in eight colors including Urban Khaki, which was newly developed exclusively for the Adventure grade. Four two-tonal color options are available for pairing with the newly developed Ashtray Metallic roof.

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