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A single prayer moves heaven

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
The atmosphere, a chaotic system where just a small change can have large effects on the system as a whole may lead to big surprises. But it's not about climate changes here. It's about places which live their lives in a harmony with themselves.

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Saint Lucia, Caribbean
The best time of the year to visit Caribbean is right now, from January until April when that tropical paradise enjoys dry season without hurricanes and boring rain, offering just a beautiful blue sky high above and turquoise, warm sea below.

Eastern Caribbean Sea hides St. Lucia, the island known by Mount Gimie and Pitons mountains, the island's most famous landmark, and by a drive-in volcano located in Soufriere towards the southwest side of the island, a volcano which had its last minor eruption in the late 1700's.

If you want to treat yourself with an excellent staying choose Jade Mountain, St. Lucia's only resort property which offers a magnificent view of the mountains and infinity pools equipped with fibre optics which illuminate them at night.

Although you will feel there like in heaven, stretch your legs and visit Castries, charming capital of St. Lucia, the city not so rich with historical sites but blessed with duty-free shopping and noisy streets, which attracts businessmen from around the world. Spend the day in the city and if you can't find what you are searching for, you know what they say: "A single prayer moves heaven."

Don't leave the island before you visit Pigeon Island, the most romantic wedding spot and nature reserve north of Gros Islet with a view across to Martinique, a French gem in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Guernsey, the Channel Islands
Geographically closer to France than the United Kingdom, during the history occupied by French and Germans, not a part of the UK but a separate land of the Crown with French as the official language, The islands of Guernsey is an independent, self-governing, tax-free island which enjoys favourable business and weather climate and feels fine today surrounded by other Channel Islands.

Saint Peter Port, Guernsey's harbour capital and a charming stylish little town interweaved with hidden alleys, terraces and beautiful gardens, offers to its visitors the exclusive goods, colourful small boutiques, antique shops and a wide range of exclusive accommodations with Fermain Valley Hotel at the top as business' choice, situated only five minutes from the town.

Victor Hugo, famous French writer, wrote some of his famous works in Saint Peter Port enjoying Guernsey's hospitality for fifteen years. The house in which he has lived and worked is a museum today. The town is known for its worldwide renowned jewellery artists, fine restaurants, the world's smallest chapel, stunning cliff path tours and a smell of flower where ever you turn. In January alone 449 plants are blossoming on Guernsey while over 160km long coastline offers dunes and sandy beaches with Cobo Bay as one of the most scenic beaches on the island.

Miyazaki, Japan
Miyazaki Prefecture, located in the South Eastern part of Kyushu island has nine cities, eighteen towns and three villages. Miyazaki, the capital city of Miyazaki Prefecture, has a very important role in Japanese mythology. According to the ancient legends, it is the home of the Gods who created Japan and we are very close to believe that.

Miyazaki's weather is among the best in Japan. The city is a true sport heaven with many sport facilities and the host of The Seagaia Ocean Dome, the world's largest all-weather indoor water park. Add to that a 154-meter tall skyscraper hotel, tennis courts and Zoo and you are just entering Sheraton Seagaia Resort, the place you could like.

In Miyazaki city you will find places dedicated to the ancient legends and myths but also The Nichinan Coastline, amazing coastal road with palms and hibiscuses which runs through four cities. A quite the attraction along that coastal line and a true surprise are seven full-size replicas of the Moai of Easter Island situated in Nichinan city on the top of Sun Messe Nichinan hill.

Stay on the road and about 40 kilometres south of Miyazaki City you will find Udo Shrine dedicated to Yamasachihiko, the father of the mythical first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu. Enjoy the view from a cliff and let it tell you its legends.

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