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Best chefs are in Singapore, join them!

Christian Fernsby |
The discovery of the best in the culinary world continues with the highly anticipated World Gourmet Summit (WGS) 2019, with a diverse curation of epicurean experiences awaiting discerning gastronomes here.

The culinary festival runs until 12 May 2019 across various restaurants and venues in Singapore.

WGS is Asia’s premier haute cuisine festival that celebrates fine cuisines, excellent wines, and wonderful dining experiences. The festival presents a unique opportunity to relish gourmet dishes sporting a multitude of culinary influences.

Looking to make this year’s edition yet another stunning showcase of gastronomic excellence, WGS 2019 will accentuate on the movement towards food-waste management, and plastic-free environment via the expansive theme of Sustainability in the Gastronomy World; and will feature a diversified line up of culinary stars, from young, up-and-coming chefs, to renowned culinary influencers from across Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as North and South America, each presenting the best of the world’s exciting cuisines.

Diners are in for even more unique and exciting dining experiences as local and international gourmet partners showcase their fresh and premium products during masterclasses and a host of curated brunches and dinners.

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