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Unique stone mushrooms of Bulgaria

Christian Fernsby |
More and more people discovers Bulgaria as a place for a holiday and even for a retirement country.

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And there is a lot to see in that Euroean country. For example, the stone mushrooms in Beli Plast, Bulgaria are unique, and the reason is simple: mushrooms.

The entire clumps of massive stone pillars grouped together just like mushrooms in the wild. They are formed just the way table rocks are formed: eroded into shape over years and years, as the water that once nearly submerged them lapped against their walls. And then eroded some more by the wind long after the water had receded for good.

Unlike most table rocks, the formation at Beli Plast is no single monolith sticking out like a literal sore thumb. These pillars that used to form a lake bed are cute, quaint and suspiciously close in shape and color to actual mushrooms, several of them together yet independent and each reaching several meters high and weighing hundreds of pounds.

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