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World's largest chocolate fountain pours from 10 meters high in Lindt chocolate museum

Christian Fernsby |
The largest chocolate fountain in the world has just opened in a new Lindt shop, museum, and factory in Zurich.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate is made up of exhibitions, the world's largest Lindt chocolate shop, and a "Chocolateria," but the fountain in the lobby is perhaps its most striking feature.

Visitors to the Lindt mecca can admire a 10 meters tall fountain consisting of a huge stirring spoon towering high above the atrium, from which 1,500 liters of real chocolate pours down into a giant Lindor.

The whole sculpture weighs three tons, and was constructed after a meticulous design and planning process.

The chocolate flows through the fountain through pipes hidden inside the sculpture.

Visitors to the Lindt Home of Chocolate can enjoy multimedia chocolate exhibitions to learn about the origins of the cocoa bean, the history of the production process, and the food's cultural legacy.

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