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Angola provides tax relief to boost diamond industry

Christian Fernsby |
Angola plans to boost its diamond industry via tax relief in the fiscal year 2021, said Pedro Marques, special taxation director of the country's General Tax Administration, on Monday.

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The measure, Marques said, will reduce tax costs for diamond companies and encourage them to produce and sell more diamonds.

Angola expects to obtain 42 billion kwanzas (about 63.1 million U.S. dollars) in taxes from the diamond industry in 2021, Marques said, adding that the forecast could be achieved taking into account the number of companies that plan to start operations in that period and the start of operations of the Luaxe diamond mine, which will be one of the largest diamond mines in the world.

The country expects to levy a total of 24.9 to 27.9 billion kwanzas (about 37.4 to 41.9 million dollars) from the diamond industry in the first nine months in 2020.

"Next year we will advise and help companies on how they can benefit from the various incentives that have been provided in the mining code, how companies can benefit from reduced tax costs and periods of grace in the payment of income tax," Marques said.

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