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Angola stops allocating foreign exchange for certain imports

Christian Fernsby |
Angola will stop allocating foreign exchange currency for the import of several products, including vegetables, legumes and industrial processing, as domestic production already satisfies the demand.

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This Monday, the Angolan government withdrew from allocating funds for the import of products, like vegetables, legumes and industrial goods.

The decision was approved this Monday at the eighth ordinary meeting of the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers, held under the guidance of the Angolan President, João Lourenço.

According to, minister of Industry and Commerce of Angola, Victor Fernandes, stated that the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers decided that for those products, namely beans, tomatoes, onions, mashed potatoes, pasta, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots and bottled water, among others , whose internal capacity can already satisfy demand, there will no longer be the allocation of foreign currency for its import with ordinary resources from the treasury.

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