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Angola will use French observation satellites says chancellor

Christian Fernsby |
Angolan chancellor, Manuel Augusto, assured his country will use French observation satellites as part of an agreement signed with his counterpart Jean-Yves le Drian, news programs reported.

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This project involves the multinational Airbus and the Angolan Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, explained Augusto in an interview with Radio France International as part of his stay in Paris.

In the French capital, he was received by president Emmanuel Macron, who delivered a message to his counterpart Joao Lourenzo.

The agreement was signed this Friday by Augusto and Drian, also including protocols for the exchange of information on the restrictions and the application of the agreement for the observation of Angolan territory.

Questioned about the replacement of directors of the National Fuel Society of Angola (Sonangol), he clarified that the state company is going through a transition phase.

The exoneration of the board of directors of Sonangol was an act of management.

The president understood that for the achievement of some objectives, it was better to change the managers, he added.

'As in a football team, the coach knows who is who at each moment of the game', compared the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who spent three days in the French capital.

The Government of Angola replaced the presidency of the oil company after a crisis in the distribution of fuels, which greatly affected Luanda, the capital.

The alleged reasons were the lack of foreign currency and the large debts of state institutions with Sonangol.

As part of the transformations in the country, it is natural and necessary to make some adjustments, he insisted.

Referring to relations with his neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he said they are waiting for the conclusion of the process resulting from last year's elections for the formation of the new government.

The concern is because it is a neighboring country and willing to take advantage of all the potential for economic cooperation which will only be possible with the normal operation of the country.

In relation to the declarations of the deputy and daughter of the ex-president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Welwitchia dos Santos Tchizé, the chancellor said only she is responsible.

Tchizé said in an interview from London with the Portuguese agency Lusa that President Lourenzo had made a coup in the country and that she was also a victim of political persecution by the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Her words came after members of the MPLA caucus in parliament urged her to resign as a member of parliament, while staying abroad (London), since she exceeded the 90 days authorized to leave.

Everyone should be responsible for what they say, said the head of diplomacy, adding that the deputy should express her arguments before the parliament.

Asked the day before about the words of the businesswoman, the head of state said this was a matter for the National Assembly.

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