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Another legislator in Brazil presents Bolsonaro's dismissal request

Christian Fernsby |
Federal lawmaker Leandro Grass presented a petition in the Chamber of Deputies for an impeachment process against Jair Bolsonaro, for five episodes that constitute a crime of responsibility for the Brazilian president.

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Lawmaker Alexandre Frota decided yesterday to postpone a similar request in the Lower House.

According to Frota, even so, the request will be presented (without specifying a date). It is based on Article 85 of the Federal Constitution, which establishes that the acts of the President of the Republic that violate the Federal Constitution are crimes of responsibility.

For his part, Grass supports his accusation that on March 9, Bolsonaro affirmed without evidence there was fraud in the 2018 elections and supported with his presence the March 15 protest in Brasilia, where supporters took part in a protest against the National Congress and the Supreme Federal Court.

Grass, who is also the legislator of the opposition political party Sustainability Network (REDE), includes in his demand the attacks by the former military man against journalist Patricia Campos Mello, of Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, by insinuating that he wanted sexual favors in exchange for information.

Finally, Grass places the order given by Bolsonaro to the Armed Forces so that March 31 marks another anniversary of the 1964 military coup.

Firstly, if the impeachment process is authorized, a special commission would be established to deal with the case, to which a report that should be approved by an absolute majority with legislators and the senate would be drawn up.

The president would automatically be removed from office when the proceedings begin. The removal period is up to 180 days. If he is convicted, he will be immediately removed from office, even before the decision is published in the Official Gazette.

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