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Bolivia criticizes Chilean Minister Teodoro Ribera words on sea dispute

Christian Fernsby |
The Bolivian representative to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), former president Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze, has criticized Friday the recent statements of the Chilean Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera on the maritime demand facing both nations.

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Unacceptable term of Chilean Foreign Minister Ribera to Bolivia in the OAS General Assembly, lost respect and the opportunity to open a new time of constructive talks, Rodriguez Veltze wrote in Twitter.

Ribera said on Thursday that 'the Bolivian government is behaving like a bad loser' for not recognising the ICJ's ruling in The Hague that 'it is clear and categorical'.

However, the Bolivian authorities insist that the ruling advocates dialogue between the two nations to resolve the conflict, although it does not agree with either or both.

Chile invaded Bolivia in 1879 and took 400 kilometers of coastline, 120,000 square kilometers of territory and its only access to the Pacific Ocean.

On April 24, 2013, Bolivia filed with the ICJ a lawsuit to demand that Chile comply with the offers made throughout history to negotiate a sovereign exit to the sea.

After a 12-3 vote, on Oct. 1 last year the ICJ ruled that Chile has no duty to negotiate sovereign access to the Pacific for Bolivia, but called on both countries to retake the dialogue.

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