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Bolsonaro blames vaccine firms for not rushing up

Christian Fernsby |
After suggesting that coronavirus vaccines could turn people into crocodiles, Brazil’s president now blames pharmaceutical companies for not presenting proposals to the local regulator ANVISA in an attempt to justify his administration's delay in starting a vaccination plan.

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Jair Bolsonaro said on Monday “laboratories are the ones that should be interested in selling the vaccine,” stating that the 210 million inhabitants country is “a huge consumer market

“People say I have to go after [the companies]. No, who wants to sell [have to sell]”.

Bolsonaro also suggested that anyone who was infected with the coronavirus should not get the vaccine.

"Who has been infected, like me, has to take it again?" he asked. "Scientific studies have already shown that even those who have already been infected can be reinfected."

Meanwhile, Pfizer said in a statement that it will not submit an application for emergency use of its vaccine in Brazil.

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