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Bolsonaro defends in Brazil use of chloroquine to treat coronavirus

Christian Fernsby |
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro defended the use of chloroquine to treat patients infected with the coronavirus and reiterated his opposition to the social isolation decreed by the governors of 27 states.

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'After listening to doctors, researchers and heads of State from other countries, I went on to disclose, in the last 40 days, the possibility of treating the disease from its initial phase' with chloroquine, the far-right president said Wednesday on national broadcast.

Bolsonaro cited the positive results of patients infected with coronavirus who have been treated with chloroquine, despite the fact that there are no definitive medical studies about the medication.

For the former military man, using chloroquine 'could enter history for having saved thousands of lives in Brazil' and would be adequate to treat 'the disease from its initial phase' and not only those who are in an advanced stage of the disease.

The president acknowledged that tests on the medicine's efficacy and side effects have not yet been completed, but defended its prescription.

In another part of his fifth speech about coronavirus, the former military officer once again opposed the quarantine, for understanding that it affects the country's economic activity.

Brazil has so far about 15,927 patients infected with coronavirus, and 800 have died of the disease, with a 5% fatality rate, according to recent data from the Ministry of Health.

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