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Boris Johnson considers snap election in UK to push Brexit forward

Christian Fernsby |
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering calling a snap election in order to advert a parliamentary showdown this week that could derail his government and delay the country’s departure from the European Union.

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Members of Parliament return to work on Tuesday and battle lines have been drawn for what’s expected to be an unprecedented confrontation between Mr. Johnson and a “rebel alliance” of Conservative and opposition MPs who have vowed to prevent Britain leaving the EU on Oct. 31 without an agreement.

The rebels plan to try and wrest control of the parliamentary agenda in order to pass legislation that would compel Mr. Johnson to seek an extension of the Halloween deadline if he hasn’t struck a deal by the end of October.

On Monday Mr. Johnson hit back and warned that any Tories who sided with the opposition would be expelled from caucus and stripped of their nominations as Conservative party candidates in the next election.

There were also indications that Mr. Johnson will try to circumvent the rebellion by trying to call a snap election this week.

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