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Brazil's high court approves investigation into Bolsonaro

Christian Fernsby |
The Brazilian Supreme Court Monday approved an investigation into whether controversial President Jair Bolsonaro tried to interfere with the country's federal police.

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Justice Minister Sergio Moro accused Bolsonaro Friday of trying to replace the head of federal police, the equivalent to the FBI, with someone more willing to share intelligence and police business with him.

"The president of the republic ... is also subject to the laws, just like any other of the country's citizens," Supreme Court Judge Celso de Mello said Monday. "No one, absolutely no one, is entitled to infringe and show contempt for our country's laws and constitution."

Local media said Bolsonaro's interest in removing the federal police head centered around an investigation involving his son Carlos Bolsonaro and the dissemination of fake news.

"The president emphasized to me, explicitly, more than once, that he wanted someone who was a personal contact, whom he could call, from whom he could get information, intelligence reports," Moro said.

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