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Brunei targets 60 pct nationwide electric vehicle sales by 2035

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Brunei is looking to increase the share of electric vehicles to 60 percent of the total annual vehicle sales as one of the key strategies under the Brunei National Climate Change Policy (BNCCP), a senior government official said.

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"We are trying to come up with a pilot scheme by bringing a number of electric vehicles into the country and increasing awareness," Haji Azhar, Brunei's Permanent Secretary (Energy) at the Ministry of Energy was quoted as saying by local daily the Borneo Bulletin on Sunday.

"It will take some time but we hope that following the pilot scheme, we can start to bring in electric vehicles to sell in the open market," he said.

Haji Azhar also said that electric vehicles are well-received globally, especially in Europe and the United States, and have been selling quite well, compared to countries in Southeast Asia.

"One of the key things is to provide the infrastructure like charging stations. We are planning to have a couple of charging stations, which is currently in discussion."

"Of course, we need to increase awareness of the advantage of electric vehicles. Brunei is not very big, so from one end to the other is not a very long distance; a single charging of an electric vehicle can be used for up to 300km, which means it can last for a few days," he added.

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