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Bulgarian ministry denies reports of talks on import of waste from Italy

Christian Fernsby |
The Bulgarian Environment Ministry Friday denied reports that this country is holding talks on possible import of waste from Rome or other Italian cities trying to handle a waste disposal crisis.

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The Ministry said in a press release that neither the government nor itself are holding such talks.

The denial comes a day after Nova TV reported that Rome will be sending its waste to Bulgaria as it has used up its capacity for waste disposal.

Close to 800 t of waste remain unhandled and is being exported to other countries to take care of them.

If a deal is concluded with Bulgaria, it will be taking Rome's waste for a year beginning at the start of 2020.

The Bulgarian Environment Ministry said Friday that in a bid to encourage the use of refuse-derived fuel from locally generated waste and to prevent excessive import, the waste management legislation restricts the import to Bulgaria of waste for burning.

Bulgaria is the only EU country which is restricting waste import, the Ministry points out.

It adds that the waste mentioned in media reports, may only be imported for the purpose of recovery and only after due notification.

The Ministry also says that Bulgaria has introduced a ban on the transportation of waste for the purpose of safe disposal and landfilling in its territory.

It says in conclusion that it has received no applications for import of waste from Rome.

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