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Canada invests close to $5.9 million to expand virtual health care services in Nova Scotia

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Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, announced the signature of a bilateral agreement with Nova Scotia to support it in its efforts to expand virtual health care services for its residents.

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Under the agreement, the province will invest federal funding based on agreed-upon pan-Canadian priorities for accelerating virtual health care services during the pandemic. Through this bilateral agreement, Nova Scotia will receive nearly $5.9 million to expand their virtual health care services.

In addition to signing a bilateral agreement, Nova Scotia has finalized the development of an action plan that outlines how the province is investing its share of federal funding to improve access to virtual health care. Nova Scotia’s investment in virtual care will be focused in three key areas:

• Improving access to e-mental health and addictions supports for children, youth and adults;
• Investing in an online appointment booking for lab tests and diagnostic services; and
• Developing a strategy for virtual care focusing on videoconferencing and secure messaging.

Through these initiatives, Nova Scotia is working to improve access and quality of care for its residents.

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