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China rejects U.S. lawsuit, describing it as malicious

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China expressed steadfast rejection describing as malicious and contrary to the basic principles of laws, Missouri's lawsuit brought against China due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Geng Shuang, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, recalled that under no circumstances the sovereign actions of his country to prevent and contain the deadly disease are going to be disputed in the U.S. courts.

As he emphasized, the process opened by Missouri state is an abuse, it should be revoked because it is not good for the United States and it goes against the necessary global cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

He referred to the contribution of China in this regard, specifically, in the timely, responsible and crystal-clear provision of information to the World Health Organization and several governments on the planet, including Washington's.

In this regard, he explained that since January 3, China regularly shares data with the U.S. country and maintains open channels for scientific exchanges without obstruction.

Finally, Geng demanded that the White House refutes the lawsuit, the latest chapter in a saga of allegations raised from the U.S. regarding the pandemic.

Missouri state filed the lawsuit yesterday and seeks to hold China responsible for the economic damages, the infection of over two million people by SARS-CoV-2 and, of course, the hoarding of face masks and other protective materials.

Apart from rejecting this judicial movement, China deplored this week the suggestion of US officials and politicians to carry out individual enquiries in its territory about the epidemiological outbreak and ask for compensation for the losses derived from the pandemic.

Geng also insisted that scientists are the ones who must clarify the unknown exact origin of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, given the proliferation of theories that point to a Wuhan laboratory or manipulation by humans.

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