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China urges U.S. to stop suppression of Chinese companies

Christian Fernsby |
China on Friday urged the United States to correctly view China's military civilian integration policy and stop wanton suppression of specific Chinese companies on the pretext of national security.

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Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin made the remarks on a press briefing in response to a query on U.S. President Donald Trump's latest executive order banning Americans from investing in Chinese firms deemed to be linked to China's military apparatus.

Vowing to firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, Wang said the U.S. government maliciously slandered and smeared China's military civilian integration policy out of political motives and abused the state power by suppressing Chinese enterprises.

He called such actions serious violations of the principle of market competition as well as international economic and trade rules, which also gravely interfere with normal economic, trade and investment cooperations between China and the United States.

These measures will seriously violate the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and are also detrimental to the interests of international investors, including those from the United States, he added.

The spokesperson urged the United States to revoke the erroneous decisions.

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