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Congress has formally recognized Joe Biden’s as president

Christian Fernsby |
A joint session of the United States Congress formally recognized Joe Biden’s victory in th presidential election early Thursday morning.

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Congress had gathered Wednesday to fulfill its constitutionally prescribed role of counting the electoral votes that were submitted by the states last month, and they conducted their count properly: Biden won 306 electoral votes, and Trump won 232.

Vice President Mike Pence presided over the proceedings.

Pence understood that he had no such power to interfere with the count, and he finally deigned to make that clear publicly just as Congress was about to begin its session at 1 pm Eastern. A crowd of thousands soon gathered outside the Capitol, in part because Trump had encouraged attendees at a rally to head over there.

Congress reconvened shortly after 8 pm Eastern. Members concluded their debate and voted on the objection to Arizona’s results. The Senate voted it down 93-6, and the House voted it down 303-121. The events of the day did spur some GOP senators to drop their plans to object to Georgia’s results, speeding up the process. But Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) stood by his plans to object to Pennsylvania’s results, forcing another failed vote.

In the end, Biden got all the electoral votes to which he was entitled.

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