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Croatia PM: No panic. We will ensure stability, and it is up to entrepreneurs to fight

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Behind us are two very dynamic months. The goal was to go to the polls in early July because we were very successful in combating the epidemic, said Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

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"No panic. My most important message is: No panic! Let's not create something that doesn't exist. We have the same unemployment as in February before the crisis. We expect GDP growth next year. We have secured 22 billion, which is the lever of our economic recovery," said Plenkovic.

"We will ensure stability, and it is up to entrepreneurs to fight," he added.

"During the spring we had much fewer infected and higher mortality. We now have a lot more infected and less mortality."

When asked to whom the banks will now issue a moratorium on foreclosures, Plenkovic said that the obligations that someone takes on must be fulfilled.

"We can't live in a system where someone will take a loan and not repay it. So mitigation measures - yes, and measures that would turn everything together into an endless debt write-off - no," he said.

"This season we had 7 million tourists and we came to 50% last season which was a record," said Plenkovic.

"Total tourist visits to Croatia increased to 20.7 million in 2019, up 4.9% compared to a year earlier," the tourism ministry said in a statement in January this year.

Today, the Defence Ministry receives offers for multi-purpose fighter aircraft.

Defence Minister Mario Banozic: "Initial offers had been requested from the United States for new F-16 aircraft and from Sweden for Gripen aircraft. Offers were also requested for used European-made aircraft, including Italy’s Eurofighter and France’s Rafale, as well as for used F-16s from Norway, Greece and Israel."

Banozic said it was difficult for him to say how much the aircraft would cost because that depended on the offers. He confirmed that Croatia is in a process of buying 12 aircraft.

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