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Egypt and Sudan suspend Nile dam talks, Ethiopia says international pressure too much

Christian Fernsby |
Egypt withdrew from the Nile dam talks with Ethiopia claiming that the proposal lacked regulations on dam operations and any legal mechanism for settling disputes.

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Sudan also threatened to step out and both nations have demanded that talks be suspended for internal consultations.

Ethiopia said on Friday that attempts by the US and the World Bank to pressure Addis Ababa into signing what it described as a “lopsided” deal on its giant hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile would damage tripartite negotiations with Egypt and Sudan.

“US pressure on Ethiopia in the GERD tripartite talks negatively impacts the bilateral relations between the two countries,” said Dina Mufti, a spokesman for the Ethiopian foreign ministry, according to the Ethiopian Press Agency.

“Not only do the US and World Bank’s acts hurt the bilateral relations, they also damage the ongoing trilateral talks,” he said. “No pressure would halt the construction of the dam. Ethiopia has resolve to realize its flagship project.”

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