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Egyptian government rejects incomplete deal on Ethiopian dam

Christian Fernsby |
The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources stressed that Egypt will reject any proposal for an incomplete agreement regarding the dam being built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile, especially if it ignores its concerns, Ahram reported.

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Egypt will not accept any incomplete formulation in an agreement that ignores Egyptian concerns or postpones controversial issues surrounding the dam, the Egyptian ministry stressed in a statement released by the newspaper.

The Ministry of Water Resources further warned that Ethiopia's adherence to rigid positions on the technical aspects of the controversial megaproject will reduce the chances of reaching a consensus between the three delegations, which also include Sudan.

Following successive rounds of negotiations and unsuccessful attempts to achieve a deal beneficial to all, the three governments decided to resume the talks last Friday, under the auspices of the African Union and the presence of 11 international observers.

Egypt fears that the operation of the dam will limit the flow of the Nile, which is already insufficient to supply its 100 million inhabitants, and therefore requires establishing preliminary guidelines for the filling process and measures aimed at mitigating the effects of severe or prolonged droughts.

It is also requesting to establish a legal mechanism, through which future disagreements between the downstream territories could be resolved.

Meanwhile, Addis Ababa, which bets on this work to guarantee the internal energy supply and its export to other parts of Africa, affirms that it will not cause damage to the other countries downstream.

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