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European Commission disburses €201 million in pre-financing to Denmark

Christian Fernsby |
The European Commission has disbursed €201 million (1.5 billion kr.) to Denmark in pre-financing, equivalent to 13% of the country's financial allocation under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

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The pre-financing payment will help to kick-start the implementation of the crucial investment and reform measures outlined in Denmark's recovery and resilience plan.

The Commission will authorise further disbursements based on the implementation of the investments and reforms outlined in Denmark's recovery and resilience plan.

The country is set to receive €1.5 billion (11.5 billion kr.) in total, fully consisting of grants, over the lifetime of its plan.

The disbursement follows the recent successful implementation of the first borrowing operations under NextGenerationEU. By the end of the year, the Commission intends to raise up to a total of €80 billion in long-term funding, to be complemented by short-term EU-Bills, to fund the first planned disbursements to Member States under NextGenerationEU.

Part of NextGenerationEU, the RRF will provide €723.8 billion (in current prices) to support investments and reforms across Member States.

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