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Finland extends current COVID-19 entry restrictions to February 9

Christian Fernsby |
The Finnish government has decided to extend the current entry restrictions, introduced in a bid to prevent the further spread of the virus in the country, until February 9.

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The restrictions, which were set to expire on January 12, were extended by the government on January 7, after the latter asserted that the pandemic is still growing worldwide and the number of infections is rising more sharply in most countries than in Finland.

According to a press release of the government on the extension of entry restrictions, a relaxation of the restrictions is not acceptable until the situation abroad changes.

“The decision applies an interest rate threshold of 25 new cases per 100 000 persons during the previous 14 days. This applies to the Schengen countries, the non-Schengen EU countries and the United Kingdom,” the press release also notes.

The government has kept unchanged restrictions on internal borders, which means that restrictions will continue to apply on entry from the following EEA countries:

Czech Republic

The government also explains that daily traffic on the land border between Finland and Sweden between border communities will still be possible until another decision is taken.

At the same time, commuting or other necessary reasons are possible at the Finnish-Norwegian land border between border communities.

“In addition, you can work in Finland from Sweden and Estonia without voluntary 10-day quarantine,” the government notes, adding that crossing the internal border at the borders between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Norway is also permitted along the ice without landing in the territory of another state.

Residents of border communities and the Sámi can cross the land border between Finland and Sweden and between Finland and Norway (including lakes) and border rivers, also from other than through border crossing points.

As per the external border restrictions, minor changes have been introduced, as the government has decided to re-ban from entering arrivals from Japan and South Korea starting from January 11.

“Otherwise, the restrictions on external border traffic will remain unchanged and will continue until February 9 2021. Restrictions on entry have already been lifted for traffic to Finland from the Vatican and for traffic between Finland and Australia, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand for residents of these countries,” reads the press

The restrictions will be lifted for residents of China, Hong Kong and Macao SARs travelling to Finland once the Council of the EU finds that reciprocity has been achieved.

At the same time, the Finnish authorities note that since January 1, the provisions applicable to non-EU nationals in border controls have been applying to UK nationals.

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