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Finland tightened travel restrictions for Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden

Christian Fernsby |
Finland has expectedly tightened its travel restrictions.

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The five-party ruling coalition decided to reinstate the restrictions on travel between Finland and Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden as of Monday, 28 September. The restrictions will also apply to citizens of Canada, Georgia and Tunisia arriving in Finland.

They were reinstated on grounds that the countries had reported an incidence of at least 25 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

The only allowed forms of travel from the countries are return travel, transit travel, work-related travel and other types of essential travel. Authorities are also recommending that people arriving in the country observe a two-week quarantine in order to limit the risk of them transmitting the coronavirus to others in Finland.

Travellers can reduce the duration of the quarantine by taking two voluntary coronavirus tests as of 1 October. The first test is to be taken immediately upon arrival and the second in their municipality of residence no earlier than three days later.

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