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Georgia closes EU for its citizens

Christian Fernsby |
This week, the Georgian parliament in the final reading will review new rules of entry of its citizens to the Schengen zone.

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Georgian citizens who, since March 2017, can travel to the EU without visas for 90 days in half a year, may be denied exit if they don't have a biometric passport issued within 10 years and which is valid for at least three months by the time the citizen of Georgia returns home, Sputnik Georgia reports.

Entry to the EU may be prohibited to citizens without a return ticket or a reservation for it, a hotel reservation and the exact living address in the Schengen area. Lack of insurance and lack of funds can also lead to refusal.

These measures became necessary after the authorities of European countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Iceland, expressed concern about the increase in the number of asylum seekers from Georgia to the EU. European countries called on Georgia to take appropriate measures.

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