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Greece, France sign 2.8b euros deal for 18 Rafale fighter jets

Christian Fernsby |
Greece signed a 2.3 billion-euro ($2.8 billion) deal with France on Monday to purchase 18 Rafale fighter jets.

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Florence Parly, the French Defense Minister, signed the agreement in Athens to deliver 12 used and six new aircraft built by Dassault Aviation over two years, starting in mid-2021.

Greek MPs approved the purchase of the six new and 12 used Rafale aircraft from France for 2.5 billion euros ($3.04 billion) earlier this month.

All of Greece’s political parties, with the exception of the Communist Party and Gianis Varoufakis’ Mera25 Party, voted for the bill.

Pilots will begin training in France in early 2021, while the first six planes — which have been previously used — will arrive in Greece by July, Defense Ministry officials said.

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