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Greece to subsidize airline services to islands with €24.6 million

Christian Fernsby |
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport will subsidize airline services to more than 12 Greek islands with 24.6 million euros.

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The Ministry is proceeding with tenders for 12 airline services to Greek islands, setting the maximum charter rates according to the season and the minimum frequency of flights.

The 12 flights connections are the following: Athens – Skiathos, Athens – Ikaria, Athens – Syros, Athens – Leros, Athens – Astypalaia, Athens – Kalymnos, Athens – Skyros, Thessaloniki – Samos, Thessaloniki – Chios, Thessaloniki – Kalamata, Rhodes – Karpathos – Kassos, and Rhodes – Kastelorizo.

The tender is for the period starting on October 1, 2020 until September 30, 2024 and the subsidy is expected to reach 24,608,000 euros.

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