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House of Brexit chaos: Members of UK parliaments can't decide anything

Christian Fernsby |
The Brexit deal proposed by Boris Johnson for October 31 has been thwarted by MPs in Parliament.

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After the Prime Minister made his case in front of the Conservative and Labour benches and the rest of the house, the House of Commons voted 322-306 to amend the Government’s Brexit motion and mandate a Brexit delay.

Johnson had returned to Westminster with an air of triumph after seemingly agreeing a long-awaited deal in Brussels at the end of the week, but he has not been able to secure the vote result that could have sealed the Withdrawal Agreement today.

As a deal has not been agreed by the House of Commons today, Johnson is legally obliged to send a letter to Brussels before 11pm requesting that Article 50, which initiates Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, is extended.

The Brexit deal he has negotiated could still go through, with many speculating that Parliament could be asked to vote again on Tuesday afternoon.

The leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has also suggested that the vote could be brought forward to Monday. Today’s news makes it unlikely that Brexit will go through by the long-established date of October 31, although it could happen at a later date if a Parliamentary vote agrees to it.

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