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Indian Prime Minister says he aims to make India self-sufficient in defence production

Christian Fernsby |
Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined tourism, agriculture, infrastructure and boosting the manufacturing sector as some key steps to lifting the economy of the nation.

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“Let it be our collective endeavour to make India a five trillion dollar economy.”

Delivering his maiden speech in the lower house of parliament as India’s Prime Minister in his second term, Modi also lamented that despite two centuries experience in arms and ammunition production, India still imports a sizeable share of its defence equipment.

“We have almost 200-225 years of experience in the manufacture of arms and ammunition.

“At the time of Independence, we had 18 arms manufacturing units.

“Around that time, China had none for the manufacture of arms and ammunition – it had no experience, nor any factories.

“China exports defence equipment, whereas we are the biggest importer in the world.

“We have to turn the country around,” Modi told the lawmakers.

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