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Iran will present Gulf security plan to United Nations

Christian Fernsby |
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said that Iran would present a regional peace plan to the United Nations at the General Assembly in New York this week.

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"In this sensitive and important historical moment, we announce to our neighbours, that we extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood to them," he said.

In his speech on Sunday, Mr Rouhani called on the foreign powers in the Gulf region to "stay away".

"Foreign forces can cause problems and insecurity for our people and for our region," he said in a televised speech at an annual military parade.

"If they're sincere, then they should not make our region the site of an arms race," he continued. "Your presence has always brought pain and misery for the region. The farther you keep yourselves from our region and our nations, the more security there will be for our region."

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