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Italy weighs up options in ArcelorMittal dispute

Christian Fernsby |
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that his government is weighing up alternatives in the case of the ArcelorMittal multinational steel corporation, which pulled out of its acquisition of the ILVA iron and steel plant.

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In an interview published in the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, Conte pointed out that the Executive is preparing 'the legal battle' in the Court of Milan, with 'optimal possibilities of success.'

In that regard, he recalled that the French-Indian consortium filed a legal action 'with long terms,' while the Government will request a preventive procedure for a ruling on the two parties' arguments in seven to ten days.

Conte denied the existence of a plan to offer ArcelorMittal the reestablishment of immunity for its executives during the environmental cleaning plan, a discount in the acquisition price of the firm and authorization for the layoffs of thousands of workers.

In the meantime, work focuses on a global solution to deal with the various problems that affect the city of Taranto, where the main former ILVA plant is based, 'harmed for decades due to the poisoning of the environment and lives lost.'

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